US Perspectives on Addressing the Demand for Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Fly ash use has significantly increased over the last few decades due to the industry initiatives that included marketing and outreach, investments in logistics, as well as research and development. Demonstrating the benefits of using fly ash and addressing quality concerns resulting from coal-fired power plant operational changes are among the priorities of the industry. There are concerns in the engineering and construction industries about the long-term availability of fly ash for use in concrete. The concerns are caused by some US electric generation shift from coal to natural gas and renewables resulting in regional and seasonal shortages of quality fly ash for the concrete market.

Numerous initiatives are being considered to meet the growing need for Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs).  Wet to dry conversions and pond closures are expected to supply some regional markets. Other markets will rely on imports and alternative SCMs such as natural pozzolans to extend local supplies.

Dr. Rafic Minkara is the Vice President of Technology at Boral Resources INC and will be presenting “US Perspectives on Addressing the Demand for Supplementary Cementitious Materials”, at the Slag & AshTrade Europe 2019 Conference and Exhibition to be held on March 28-29 in Madrid, Spain at NH Paseo de la Habana.

Dr. Minkara is responsible for quality assurance, technical services, the research and commercialization of new technologies in the areas of coal combustion, product quality improvement and utilization. He has over 30 years of professional experience in engineering, construction and R&D in the Environmental and Utility industries. His experience also includes water treatment, air pollution control, landfill design and site remediation.

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