Hydrated lime with bactericidal and fungicidal properties

Improve the quality of the wall by preventing diseases not by renovation. The production of hydrated dolomitic lime in Steam Boiler is made by adding citronella grass or cloves to incorporate repellent property into the existing fungicidal and bactericidal properties due to PH alteration.

Mr. Francisco Silveira, New Business Development at Cimento Nacional, will be presenting “Hydrated lime with bactericidal and fungicidal properties”, at the International Lime Forum 2019 meeting to be held on April 11th in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With 40 years of experience in manufacturing plants and commercial area of the industrial sector of Lime and Cement for Civil Construction, Mr. Silveira was a manager in the industrial groups for Votorantim Cimentos and Brennand Cimentos in the Southeast and Northeast regions of Brazil. His professional experience extends over the fields like Human Resources, Quality Management, Logistics, Commercial and New Business Development.

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