About us

Gmi Global is a conference producer, focused on delivering events that bring together senior, executive decision makers from multiple departments including sales & marketing, strategy, trading, operations, as well as technical professionals, equipment suppliers, consultants and other industry experts. The goal is to build new partnerships, advance the understanding of the sectors and help hone competitive advantages. Our enthusiastic international and multicultural team is always updated on the latest news.

who we are 01

GMI Global is a leading global industry conference and exhibition organizer headquartered in the USA. We own and host multiple annual and regional conference series, focusing on various industry segments that drive world economy and change. Our events expand on cement, lime, fuels, combustion by-products (fly ash, slag), paper and pulp, infrastructure, supply chain, environment, sustainability and innovation. Join our events and discover a perfect setting of business drivers and growth opportunities.

what we do 02

We host meetings for technical and business professionals across the world and also assist companies in arranging their own corporate meetings and conferences. We act both as a sole organizer for our own industry concepts as well as a third party operator concerning sales, marketing, operational and logistics. Our most recent locations include the US, Brazil, Panama, South Africa, Europe, India and UAE, among others.

our values 03

As an organization, we set Integrity, Consistency, Growth, Value Creation and Business Opportunity as our main pillars.