Cost saving options for the future of cement and performances due to fly ash addition

Since the beginning of Portland cement manufacturing, the use of mineral additions that could reduce production costs has always been an important issue. Nowadays, considering the stringent requirements in greenhouse gas reduction, blended cements with low clinker content are mandatory and supplementary cementitious materials keep increasing their importance worldwide.

Mr. Davide Padovani, Global Director Cement Additives, Mapei SpA, Milan, Italy will be presenting at the annual leading industry event CBI Africa 2018 "Fly ash blended cements: grinding, quality, durability and performances". The study is focused on fly ash addition, considering the quality, durability and strength performances of highly substituted cements with a particular focus on separate grinding of fly ash and control of particle size distribution. 

Davide joined Mapei in 2001 and presently, he is the Global Director for Mapei Cement Additives Division. After a brief period in a cement factory, Davide has over 20 years of worldwide experience in the sector of cement grinding aids, performance enhancers and Cr(VI) reducing agents for cement. Davide Padovani was born in Milan, Italy in 1971 and graduated as Industrial Engineer in 1997 at the Politecnico University of Milan.

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