Lindner talks about alternative fuel production for the heavy industry

Mr. Marco Egger, Sales Manager at Lindner Recyclingtech, will be presenting "Case study on alternative fuel production for the heavy industry, such as cement production plants in African regions", including the nature impact of landfilling waste and a best practice for non-recyclables.

With the aim of always finding the best possible solution for each costumer, Lindner places its faith in continuous research and further development of its products. 

From stationary and mobile shredding machines for waste management to complete systems for plastics recycling as well as for SRF/RDF production, the results are quality, productivity and efficiency.

Our speaker has started his career in 1995 as a startup engineer for shredders and fuel waste processing plants all over the world.

He will provide a complete view of the participation of Lindner Recyclingtech in the RDF preparation business, and also share his view about the present and future of this activity in the cement industry.

Magda Kwapisiewicz