Scenarios on Coal Combustion by-Products Supply

Mr. Robert Katzor, Market Development Manager at Eko-Zec, will be presenting “Scenarios on Coal Combustion by-Products Supply”, at the Slag & AshTrade Europe 2019 Conference and exhibition to be held on March 28-29 in Madrid, Spain at NH Paseo de Habana hotel.

 The presentation will try to answer the question whether Poland as a country can become one of the main suppliers of Coal Combustion by-Products to the European markets in the context of the policy of moving away from coal in Europe. The presentation will discuss both the aspects of Poland's energy policy for the coming decades and the local market conditions for the development CCP’s together with the railway and port infrastructure used for their export to foreign markets.

Mr. Katzor has been working at Eko-Zec for 11 years. He is responsible for the development of Coal Combustion by-Products sales markets, including foreign markets. He also coordinates commercial projects based on rail transport and port handling.

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Andrei Musat