ZSPS : Successful Implementation of STET’s Electrostatic beneficiation process

ST Equipment & Technology (STET)’s electrostatic beneficiation technology reduces the carbon content of fly-ash, producing a consistent, low carbon ash for use as a Cement Substitute. Fly-ash with carbon levels > 25% have been used to produce quality assured low LOI products.  A carbon rich product is simultaneously produced, recovering valuable fuel.

STET’s latest project, at the PGNiG TERMIKA Siekierki Power Plant, Warsaw, utilizes STET’s separator, with carbon return system, and was successfully commissioned in December 2017.

Expanding on the above Mr. Lewis Baker, European Technical Support Manager at ST Equipment & Technology USA, will be presenting “ZSPS : Successful Implementation of STET’s Electrostatic beneficiation process”, at the Slag & AshTrade Europe 2019 Conference and exhibition to be held on March 28-29 in Madrid, Spain.

As European Technical Support Manager for ST Equipment & Technology, Lewis Baker provides engineering support to the company’s fleet of processing plants throughout Europe and Asia, as well as technical aspects of business development. Lewis joined ST in 2004, initially as plant manager for STs Fly Ash processing facility at Didcot Power Station in the UK, before moving to a wider role in technical support.

Graduated from the University of Wales with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Lewis has held a number of roles in plant design and commissioning, process engineering, and plant management.


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