International supply chain for ash sourcing

With the winding down of coal-based power plants in Europe owing to increasingly stringent emission regulations, fly ash is declining fast. Newer sources need to be discovered to ensure that the industry receives adequate volumes.

The most critical factors in the international trade of fly ash are quality and logistics (and consequently economics). The supply could be in jumbo bags, loaded in containers/ as break bulk cargo, or they could be directly in bulk vessels in conditioned or dry form. Supply chain infrastructure at both ends needs to be aligned, while safe handling and right quality are vital.

Mr. Rishit Dalal is the Director of Projects and International Business at JAYCEE India and will be presenting “International supply chain for ash sourcing”, at the Slag & AshTrade Europe 2019 Conference and Exhibition to be held on March 28-29 in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Dalal is an Engineer, and an alumnus of London Business School. He is a Director with the Asian Coal Ash Association and drives several initiatives to increase ash utilization internationally. He started his career as a Management Consultant with KPMG (Middle East), delivering analytical and strategic insight to public and private sector clients across industry verticals and helping them make critical, high-impact business decisions. Now, he runs an international trading business with cementitios materials - which is the market leader in Fly Ash exports from India and a strategic partner of LafargeHolcim Trading - selling 500,000+ tons per annum of products.


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