South African coal ash legislation changes - Increasing ash utilization implementation progress

Eskom has embarked on a process to increase ash utilization from its coal-fired electricity generation stations. Ash utilization is governed by waste management legislation. Eskom submitted a Regulation 9 and a Section 74 request to the DEA, on behalf of the industry. In 2017, the DEA convened a forum (Phakisa) of a cross section of South African to seek solutions to improve the waste economy, including the beneficiation of ash.

The Phakisa explored how current constraints could be unlocked to maximise ash beneficiation, and new legislation was proposed to remove coal ash from its current classification as a waste. 

Kelley Reynolds-Clausen, Senior Consultant of Eskom Research will be presenting "South Africa’s Coal Ash Utilization Implementation Progress" at the annual leading industry event Cement Business & Industry Africa 2018.

On October 18th and 19th in Johannesburg, South Africa over 150 executive  industry professionals will network discovering new business opportunities among regional and international guests.

Sessions will feature an in-depth look at the evolution and direction of the market and balance views on business strategies, investment, finance, engineering, technology and production maximization, traditional and alternative fuels, cement and fuel trading, shipping, logistics,  innovation, environment and much more.

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Bea Ene