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19 Jun

Regional opportunities and petcoke demand to be discussed at CW Summit 2017 - Strategic challenge for petcoke producers

Green petcoke demand will expand both on supply-side factors as well as on expanding end-user industrial demand. In 2017 alone, demand for global green petcoke will surpass 137 million tons. Longer-term, petcoke demand growth will be driven by fuel-grade petcoke from the cement sector, albeit slow growing, and anode-grade petcoke (in calcined form) from aluminum.

Robert Madeira, CW Research’s Managing Director and Head of Research stresses: “We don’t see any major changes in the world outlook for green petcoke, but especially petcoke demand from the cement sector is at increasing risk; reducing cement-clinker ratios, alternative fuel substitution, CO2-NOx-SOx emissions pressures, all combine to provide a negative long-term outlook for petcoke use. While nothing is likely to happen overnight, this poses a big strategic challenge for petcoke producers / refiners”.

CW Research’s petcoke price forecast implies that weaker prices will not be offset fully by expanding volume growth, leading to a flag-to-negative trend in the USD market size. The anode grade segment is however expected to see stronger pricing, given the tight calcining market.

The above and more in depth sector analysis will be discussed during the 2017 edition of CW Group’s Cement Finance, Strategy & Trade Summit Dubai executive meeting, to be held on September 27-28, in Dubai. The event  brings a unique interactive discussion format for the senior executives in the cement sector covering key burning topics such as: reducing cement-clinker ratio by using cementitious materials: slag, fly ash, pozzolana; current and future flows: impact of regulatory changes and trade barriers; opportunities and challenges for specialty products: white and oil well cements; petcoke trading- outlook and opportunities for cement; financial performance: margins, operating excellence, best practices; regional opportunities for production costs savings; shipping logistics & handling in the Middle East and Africa; the effects of the failing oil prices on the global cement industry with focus on oil exporting markets; reducing cement-clinker ratio by using cementitious materials: slag, fly ash, pozzolana; emerging green legislation; waste management; renewable energy.


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